Kiewit-Corman Greenbelt, AJV has Openings for Tradespersons

Fri, August 04, 2017 10:30 AM | Glinda Jackson (Administrator)

Kiewit-Corman Greenbelt, AJV is an equal opportunity employer.  Also, as a federal contractor, we take affirmative action to recruit qualified and interested females, minorities, covered veterans and individuals with disabilities for employment opportunities. 

We often employ skilled tradespeople at our project such as: laborers, carpenters, operators, cement masons, sprinkler fitters, and pipefitters.  Our current placement goals are:  Females: 6.9%, Covered Veterans: 6.7%, and Disabled Individuals: 7%. 

Currently, we have the following project(s) in your area/state:

Project Name

City, State

Project’s Minority Placement Goal

Greenbelt Metro Interchange

Greenbelt, MD


Our company also provides on-the-job training opportunities for craft workers.  If you know qualified individuals interested in such opportunities, please refer them to Outreach@Kiewit.com for more information on how to apply for the above listed project(s).  We would also appreciate any logs you maintain identifying such individuals referred to assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of our outreach efforts.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.  We look forward to partnering with your organization.


Caeleb Isabell

Employee Relations Manager

Expires 11/30/2017

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